Fascinating World of Scent and Scent Capture


My whole life, I’ve tried to understand the world of scent.

With every single breath we take, it influences how we feel, how we behave, and even who we love, yet we never think about it.

This is the fascinating world of scent.

At OVR Technology I have this opportunity to recreate that world in virtual reality and in order to achieve that, I have to capture that invisible world one scent at a time.

When our scentware teams goes out to capture a scent, we’re looking for two things:

First: What are the chemical compounds responsible for the odor profile of that particular unique area or event? And by chemically analyzing that odor by using very sensitive instruments we can get a very good indication of its chemical makeup and then how we might recreate it.

Our second thing that we look for when we go out in the field is: How does it make us feel? What is going on in this place that makes it unique? All of our human experiences begin as sensory inputs that are then processed by our brains and filtered into memories, emotions and experiences.

At OVR Technology, we as a company focus on healthcare, skills training and education and give people experiences that teach, heal, connect, and entertain us in ways never before possible.

– Aaron Wisniewski, CEO and Co-Founder, OVR Technology

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