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Smell-o-Vision is Real!, by Erikka Innes

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The Benefits of Smell in Virtual Reality

OVR’s Head of Design Erik Cooper is a guest on Protolab’s All Things Manufacturing Digital Thread Podcast.

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Aroma Discord Speaker Series, Scent + Tech + Future of Healthcare

Our VP of Scentware, Sarah Socia was featured alongside Vanessa Julia Carpenter of Kinsugi Design, and Olivia Jezler from Future of Smell at the Aroma Discord Group’s Speaker Series. This session was focused on the intersection of Scent, Technology, and their impact on the future of Healthcare. Sarah is up third, here is the recording. […]

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What do Virtual Worlds Smell Like? with Aaron Wisniewski

Crazed Podcast, National Mental Health Innovation Center (NMHIC) at the University of Colorado’s Anschultz Medical Campus.

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Aromas can evoke beloved journeys — or voyages not yet taken

Washington Post, by Jen Rose Smith

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Twinfold Chat with Hassa and Hussa Blake

OVR Technology CEO Aaron Wisniewski sits down with Hassa and Hussa Blake on their TwinFold Chat podcast. Hit play below, watch time, approximately 15 mins.

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