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Will we see you at AWE Online 2020? Read AWE’s Interview with the “Indiana Jones of Scent”

AWE logo

We hope you can join us next week at AWE – Augmented World Expo Online 2020, our CEO Aaron Wisniewski, will give a main stage presentation exploring the importance of scent and specifically how we believe it may be the key to unlocking VR’s true potential and open the gates to real-world benefits. His talk is […]

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What is Olfactory VR? Interview with OVR’S Aaron Wisniewski

Aaron holding ION

AWE Online Global, by Emily Friedman

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OVR Technology Delivers First-of-Its-Kind Scent Experience for VR

Woman experiencing OVR Technology's ION Device

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 18, 2020 Press Contact Alexandra Tursi OVR Technology OVR Technology Delivers First-of-Its-Kind Scent Experience for VR VR Start-Up Uses Our Most Primal Sense for Maximum Impact Burlington, Vermont:  OVR Technology today announced the release of its Architecture of Scent® platform for virtual reality (VR), which combines hardware, software, and scentware […]

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Capturing the Smell of the Rain

Rain Drop

  There is something about the smell of rain that strikes a chord inside all of us. We have a deep, unconscious connection to the smell of rain that can dramatically change our mood, our thoughts, and even our vision. But what is? Why does it affect us so strongly and is it possible to […]

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Lending our expertise and resources to fight COVID-19

3D Printed COVID-19 Mask Prototype

OVR Technology was founded on the mission of using our expertise in using technology to solve real-world problems. Unfortunately, one of those problems which is affecting all of our lives is the spread of COVID-19. Like most of you, OVR Technology has taken rather extreme steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees […]

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OVR Technology Is Creating Olfactory Virtual Reality for Health Care, Education and Training.

Seven Days, by Elizabeth M. Seyler

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