Will we see you at AWE Online 2020? Read AWE's Interview with the "Indiana Jones of Scent" - OVR Technology

We hope you can join us next week at AWE – Augmented World Expo Online 2020, our CEO Aaron Wisniewski, will give a main stage presentation exploring the importance of scent and specifically how we believe it may be the key to unlocking VR’s true potential and open the gates to real-world benefits.

His talk is on Tuesday, May 26 @ 10:50 PST.  If you are attending AWE 2020 Online, we hope you will join us there.  You can also visit our virtual show booth and meet some of the members of our expanding team!

Aaron sat down with AWE’s Emily Friedman to answer the question “What is Olfactory VR?” for the AWE Blog. Click that link to read what she describes as “One of the coolest interviews I’ve done in a while.”

We’ll be formally announcing our Architecture of Scent® Hardware, Software, and Scentware Platform.  You can read that Press Release here.

We hope to see you, virtually, at the show next week!