FAQs - OVR Technology



Who is it for?

Olfactory Virtual Reality is for stress relief, therapy, and high-risk training simulations across enterprise, corporate, and federal applications. It is not currently available for consumers, but if you are a consumer and interested in OVR, please join our mailing list to get information about new products as they become available.

Which scents does it come with?

Our scentware experts use olfactory neuroscience and psychology to calibrate your scentware for the best possible experience and outcomes. Some of the scents you’ll experience may be familiar and remind you of a forest or beach, for example, while others are designed to be unique to the virtual world.

Can I pick my own scents?

No. Just as movies and video games come with their own sound effects and scores, OVR experiences come pre-programmed for the most effective outcomes.

Does it work with all VR headsets?

Yes! OVR works with all headsets.

How do I buy one?

Interested in purchasing an OVR setup? Everyone has slightly different needs, so if you think your organization will benefit from Olfactory Virtual Reality, get in touch with us for a free quote.

What is pricing based upon?

Olfactory Virtual Reality is an enterprise solution. Price depends on a variety of factors: how many users you have, where you’re located, and what type of solution you’d benefit from most. Please contact us so we can learn more about your needs and provide you with a free quote.

How much does an OVR system cost?

Price is variable and dependent upon the application and bundle which best fits your needs.

For more information about INHALE, our complete package designed specifically for wellness uses, please see our Wellness page.

If interested in using OVR for training purposes, more information can be found on our Training Simulation page.