Lending our expertise and resources to fight COVID-19 - OVR Technology

Lending our expertise and resources to fight COVID-19

3D Printed COVID-19 Mask Prototype

OVR Technology was founded on the mission of using our expertise in using technology to solve real-world problems. Unfortunately, one of those problems which is affecting all of our lives is the spread of COVID-19. Like most of you, OVR Technology has taken rather extreme steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees while we continue to push the development of our technology and company forward.

Like so many others, we have transitioned to working remotely. As a VR focused company we have been experimenting not only with the usual remote collaboration tools, but we have also been experimenting with several VR based collaboration tools. In a future post, we will elaborate more on some of the VR focused collaboration tools we have been experimenting with.

Today, however, we’d like to focus on some incredible people and resources that are seeking to help create necessary supplies for helping those on the front lines of this battle.

One of the technologies we employ in the prototyping and development of our VR scent solution are the various 3D Printers that we use every day. Through my personal and professional network, we discovered many open-source hardware projects putting these machines to work to produce needed parts and supplies to our medical professionals.

I personally, have joined a number of these collaborations and have been putting some of our printers to work on these projects. I encourage you, if you are able, and have some of these tools to join as many of these efforts as you can.

Some Open Source projects of note:



  • And finally, I have partnered with Wes Garcia of Megadeluxe and have started an instagram feed that is focused on simple solutions that can turn baseball caps into simple face shields.

All of this collaboration and energy is coming from everyday folks who don’t feel like just sitting on the sidelines, but are actively asking how can I help, what resources and skills do I have that can help to make a dent in this current situation. Personally, being a part of many of these efforts and watching a lot of this innovation live, is rewarding, and is a real sight to behold. It is also a real awakening for what disrupted de-centralized manufacturing can do on a global scale.

We hope technology like these will help end this crisis sooner.

Stay healthy and wash your hands.

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