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The Science

The Science Behind the Power of Scent

Every single time we breathe, we inhale billions of tiny scent particles that contain important information.

The power of scent lies in its direct link to our limbic system, the area of our brains responsible for memory and emotion, and the part that influences our unconscious behaviors and motivations.

Unlocking the Limbic System

Our sense of smell is fully developed and functioning by the time we are just 10 weeks old in our mother's womb. For a time after birth, it’s the primary way we recognize our mothers. It also accounts for 90% of our perceptions of taste and flavor. When we bite into a fresh strawberry or sip a cup of coffee, our tongues can only perceive a handful of sensations—but we can detect a trillion different smells.

More than 70% of our daily memories and emotions are triggered by smell. Scent memory lasts 70% longer than sound or sight and isn’t susceptible to degradation like auditory or visual memories are.

The Power of Olfactory Technology

Imagine combining the power of scent and the limbic system with the potential of immersive technology. Harnessing olfaction’s direct pathway to some of the most engaged parts of our brain is at the heart of OVR.

Our lives are increasingly digital, which means much of our sensory input is controlled by technology rather than occurring naturally and spontaneously. We can bridge this gap by engaging our sense of smell, making digital experiences more emotionally engaging, immersive, realistic, and effective..

More Immersive Experiences are More Effective Experiences

Scent unlocks the potential of virtual reality.

Every single human experience begins as sensory input. Our eyes, ears, nose, and other senses flood our brain with rich information that becomes thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The more of our senses we engage, the richer and more meaningful those experiences become. Whether you’re using virtual reality to train how to save a life, or simply enjoying the moment, the power of scent turns you from a spectator into a participant. In the process, it elevates VR from a toy into a tool.

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Our microtechnology produces nano-particles of scent tuned to activate in millisecond increments. Our technology operates wirelessly over Bluetooth and comes with a replaceable scent cartridge.

Product Dimensions: 6” x 2” x 1.5” (152.4mm x 50.8mm x 38.1mm)
Weight: 4.6 oz.
USB 2.0 connection
9 scent actuators with interchangeable cartridges
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity



Our software plugin is compatible with any VR content built in Unity or Unreal. When applied to a virtual environment, it understands user behavior in the virtual world and translates it into real-time spatial and positional scene information.


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Our scentware cartridges contain an array of smells that work independently or can be combined to create thousands of unique scents based on need and observed behavior. Each scent has been carefully researched and selected by global experts to produce the highest quality experience possible.