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Training & Simulation

OVR-Enhanced Training

Multi-Sensory VR is the Future of Training and Simulation

In high-risk industries like defense, fire, oil & gas, and aviation, training can mean the difference between life and death. The effectiveness of your training regimen is determined by how immersive it is. Incorporating Olfactory Virtual Technology increases situational realism and promotes improved hazard ID analysis, resulting in lives saved, fewer negative health outcomes, and fewer financial losses.

Safer, Cheaper, More Scalable Training Solutions

Comprehensive training for high-risk activities can be costly, overwhelming, and complicated. To provide accurate, informative exposure to the demanding scenarios you are training for is as difficult as it is mission-critical. To provide coordinated training, safely—at a reasonable cost—is the holy grail of high-risk training.

No matter the industry,

...whenever the stakes are high,

...multi-sensory experiential training works better.

The Future of Training Is Advancing

Virtual reality is changing the landscape.

The way we train is changing, and the proven benefits of enhancing Virtual Reality with olfaction are clear. Challenging training regimens, formerly too dangerous or complex to practice in real life, are now possible and existing trainings have been made more effective.

It's time to bring the power of olfaction into your training roster.

shoes in an oil slick
firefighters training to put out a valve fire

Enhance Situational Awareness

Adding an olfactory element to virtual reality training makes simulation more realistic while deepening and strengthening the production of memories. In high-risk industries like defense, fire, oil & gas, and aviation, where training makes all the difference, every ounce of authenticity and precision is critical.