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A VR wellness experience proven to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

The Future of Wellness is Here

INHALE is a virtual reality experience that combines nature, breath, meditation, mindfulness, and scent to powerfully relax and destress, all in a proven, plug-and-play VR wellness bundle.

Take a Breath

INHALE Turns Every Breath into a Healing Act.

A Completely Different Approach to Relaxation

Navigating the future of work and wellness remains a puzzle, but finding new forms of stress relief will be essential. From meditation to exercise to team-building, there are countless options for improving morale and employee wellness. Given all these choices, it can be hard to figure out just where to invest your time, energy, attention, and money for the best benefit and lasting impact for your employees.

INHALE’s software package is designed to lead users through virtual reality scenes, combining virtual reality and olfactory training to induce feelings of calm and well-being. INHALE's scent cartridge amplifies the benefit of virtual reality with the addition of transportive scents: tropical beaches, freshly cut grass, pine forests, ocean breezes, wildflower fields, and lush woodlands. The scents can be triggered independently or combined to produce dozens of unique olfactory experiences. These experiences can help deepen and guide meditations by using expertly chosen scents that tap into the deepest parts of the brain.

What’s a forest without the smell of earth and trees?

Don't just look at nature,

FEEL it.

The way the scent of a flower elevates its beauty is precisely how OVR technology enhances wellness therapy and stress relief.

The INHALE Scent Cartridge Triggers Positive Emotions

75% of emotion comes from scent.

Scent is a direct path to our limbic system, one of the most potent parts of our brain for affecting mood. Experiences and memories accompanied by scent stick around longer and have a bigger impact.

person under a giant sky
wild flowers
cliffs and coast
seaside bungalow
wooded mountains

INHALE Comes with Everything to Start Feeling Better Now

The INHALE bundle by OVR includes everything needed to address a huge range of therapeutic, health, and wellness needs, from PTSD to addiction treatment to general stress management.

It includes a head-mounted display, OVR Technology’s ION device, scent cartridges, and several scent-enhanced nature scenes, complemented by guided meditations inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh.

OVR’s water-based scents (IFRA-certified for safety) are dispersed and removed with precisely controlled intensity and timing, based on both direct interaction and ambient proximity. This allows for purposeful scent interactions and combinations that prevent scent habituation or undesired mixtures over time.
OVR has taken the stress out of putting all the pieces together so you can take a deep breath, inhale, and begin to relax.

For Organizations, Employees, Patients, and Clients Everywhere

INHALE is a product designed for businesses with needs that range from stress reduction to complete therapeutic solutions. Olfactory virtual reality has a use case and package that accommodates needs big or small.