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Scent Is Now Digital

With OVR’s new wearable scent technology, ION, your digital experiences can be more immersive, emotional, and effective than ever.

ION3 is coming in 2023! Click the link below to inquire about early access or learn about current OVR products.

The Hidden Power of Scent

Directly connected to the memory and emotion centers of our brain

Our sense of smell is unique from our other senses. It's the only sense with a direct connection to the limbic system in our brains which is the area responsible for memory and emotion. The Limbic System also has a major influence on cognition, behavior and motivation. Watch founder and CEO Aaron Wisniewski talk about the power of scent on the TED stage.

Wearable, Wireless, Digital Scent

For anyone who wants the most immersive, premium, digital experiences

The ION connects wirelessly via bluetooth to your Smartphone, PC or VR headset so you can explore the world of 4D, multi-sensory experiences.

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A single, universal Scentware cartridge that produces thousands of unique digital aromas-based

The ION Scentware cartridge works by combining primary aromas in different combinations to create thousands of unique, digitally native scents to provoke different moods and emotions. OVR isn't designed to exactly replicate the physical world but rather give you a whole new world of possibilities.

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Everyone Is a Creator with OVR

Introducing the OVR Scent Studio

Every ION includes a free download of the OVR Scent Studio which allows you to create your own digital aromas from scratch and combine them with other media like video and audio. When you’re done creating you can save for later, share with friends, or post it on the OVR community feed for others to experience. The more creators, the more variety you can experience.

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Professional Tools

For Unity and Unreal developers

OVR offers software plugins for anyone developing digital and virtual content in Unity or Unreal engines.  The OVR plugin is a simple tool that uses collision systems to enable you to add scent to any project just like adding spatial audio.

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Multi Platform

The possibilities go beyond just mobile.

ION comes with a mobile app so you can start experiencing, creating and sharing right away. But the ION is also compatible with Virtual Reality. We are continuing to partner with VR companies and creators to enable more VR content to be not only multisensory, but also spatial and 3 dimensional.

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A Growing Library of Multisensory Experiences

For wellness, entertainment, and just for fun

The OVR mobile app is a great place to experience multisensory creations from many different kinds of professional and amateur creators.  You can experience multisensory meditation and mindfulness, scent-enhanced musical tracks, or conceptual art that integrates all your senses.  OVR also partners with many health, entertainment, and social companies to bring more experiences outside of the OVR app to life with scent.  Stay tuned to learn all other types of experiences you can access with ION.

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ION 2 For Enterprise

ION 2 for VR is still available for enterprise applications.

ION 2 is an enterprise-only technology solution for VR applications in health and wellness, location-based entertainment, and federal simulation.  ION technology creates spatial, positional scent for maximum immersion, presence and emotional engagement.

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