How AOS Works


Our olfactory systems have evolved over millions of years to respond to microscopic odorants at extremely specific concentrations. Only the patent pending OVR Technology method can control nano-particles of scent down to the ppm and millisecond without any lingering odor. The aroma is there the instant it should be, and gone the next.


We navigate the world in specific ways through scent. Based on our intentions and attention we may have very different interactions. By decoding the way that we experience the world using olfactory cues and translating it to a digital language we are able to mimic the way humans interact with olfactory stimuli. Our Olfactory Experience Engine (OXE) API translates VR movements and interactions and outputs the scent based on your actions.


We are not a perfume company. Our scents are meant to directly communicate with the limbic system to stimulate memory and emotion. The limbic system has no capacity for language so we speak the language of science. We capture the chemical signature of the desired scent and then recreate it, molecule by molecule to ensure accuracy, purity and authenticity.