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Our Story

Imagine discovering an ancient organic technology, perfected over a span of more than 200,000 years, with the power to engage the human mind at its most primal level. Imagine a new way of thinking about technology that makes it possible to augment this primeval tool with cutting-edge innovations in virtual reality tech to increase its power exponentially.

Olfactory Virtual Reality (OVR) emerged from the urgent need for powerful new approaches to cognitive therapy and stress inoculation for victims of trauma. To meet this need, OVR has brought together an alliance of researchers, practitioners, and technologists using scent to stimulate and access memory in ways that transform cognition, emotion and behavioral responses

The human organism is a miraculous piece of technology, perfected and refined through the ages. Perhaps one of its most remarkable evolutionary developments of this organism is its ability to heal itself. By joining our body’s own most primal senses with the most advanced technological augmentations available, OVR is making it possible to enhance the healing process by creating an entirely new experience of reality.

What if this power to transform human perceptions and behaviors was right there under our noses all along, literally, just waiting to be harnessed?

Our Technology

The idea for the OX1 was born of a thought experiment with Champlain College. It was based on the idea that scent in VR could dramatically increase immersion.

Once the idea for the OX1 was solidified, the OVR team initiated a thorough exploration of possible technological and design solutions. Designs began on paper and whiteboard and evolved using the iterative design process as our team experimented with a wide range of form factors, scent actuators, liquid formulations and other properties to optimize both the technology and the user experience.


The end result is the OX1: a lightweight wireless device that precisely emits scent particles to the user in coordination with virtual reality technology designed to deepen the immersive experience.

Our Team

Aaron Wisniewski

Aaron Wisniewski

CEO, OX Designer

A mad scientist, artist, olfactory activist. Most recently Aaron is the Founder and CEO of Alice & the Magician: an experimental Flavor and Fragrance company but a lifelong obsession with the power of scent and how it can benefit the human experience has led him around the world collecting and bottling scent memories, working as a professional chef, a mixologist, a sommelier, and sensory artist.

Matt Flego

Matt Flego


Matt is a prototyping expert, with with multidisciplinary skills in fabrication, prototyping, electrical design and product design. Since graduating from Pratt, he had worked in NYC at premier fabrication, manufacturing and prototyping facilities. Then after making the move to Vermont he co-founded M//E design which provided digital fabrication, product design, and prototyping for a wide range of clientele. In his spare time he mentors and engages with the community at Burlington's local makerspace "Generator".

Sam Wisniewski

Sam Wisniewski


Sam began in the financial sector in NYC working in investment banking. After attaining his Series 7 and 63 and working on private placements, IPOs and working directly with purchasing clients he left the industry and was drawn into the restaurant world. He worked managing and opening restaurants, implementing new systems, and consulting for rebrands. His experience in managing people, budgets, and systems/standards led him to become COO of the flavor & fragrance company Alice & the Magician.

Erik Cooper

Erik Cooper

Chief Design Officer

Erik’s lifelong passion for design innovation took him to Pratt Institute, then to work on Broadway designing sets and fabricating scenery for IATSE. While in New York, Erik expanded his design and fabrication work to include architectural metal and art with various NYC artists. After moving to Vermont in 2010 he went to work creating motorcycles with Walt Siegl. In 2013, Erik went on to utilize his 15 years of experience to create his own company M//E Design specializing in digital fabrication, product design, and prototyping.

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David Stiller

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

Over the past five years, Dave has served as the President of Heritage Aviation, a provider of aviation support services including fueling, deicing, and aircraft maintenance, at the Burlington International Airport in Burlington, Vermont. In this role, he has presided over the company’s transition to 100% employee ownership, through the adoption of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, as well as the implementation of open book management. Concurrently, Dave has acted as an Investor Relations Manager for Sunrise Management Systems, directing and overseeing investments in various nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Dave holds a master’s degree in Emergent Media from Champlain College