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Our Story

Imagine discovering an ancient organic technology, perfected over a span of more than 200,000 years, with the power to engage the human mind at its most primal level. Imagine a new way of thinking about technology that makes it possible to augment this primeval tool with cutting-edge innovations in virtual reality tech to increase its power exponentially.

Olfactory Virtual Reality (OVR) emerged from the urgent need for powerful new approaches to cognitive therapy and stress inoculation for victims of trauma. To meet this need, OVR Technology has brought together an alliance of researchers, practitioners, and technologists using scent to stimulate and access memory in ways that transform cognition, emotion, and behavioral responses

The human organism is a miraculous piece of technology, perfected and refined through the ages. Perhaps one of its most remarkable evolutionary developments of this organism is its ability to heal itself. By joining our body’s own most primal senses with the most advanced technological augmentations available, OVR Technology is making it possible to enhance the healing process by creating an entirely new experience of reality.

What if this power to transform human perceptions and behaviors was right there under our noses all along, literally, just waiting to be harnessed?

Our Technology

The idea for the Architecture of Scent® and the ION device was born of a thought experiment with Champlain College. It was based on the idea that scent in VR could dramatically increase immersion.

Once the idea for the ION was solidified, the OVR Technology team initiated a thorough exploration of possible technological and design solutions. Designs began on paper and whiteboard and evolved using the iterative design process as our team experimented with a wide range of form factors, scent actuators, liquid formulations, and other properties to optimize both the technology and the user experience.


The end result is the Architecture of Scent® Software, Scentware, and Hardware Platform including the ION: a lightweight wireless device that precisely emits scent particles to the user in coordination with virtual reality technology designed to deepen the immersive experience.

Our Team

Aaron Wisniewski

Aaron Wisniewski

CEO, OX Designer

A mad scientist, artist, and olfactory evangelist. Aaron's lifelong obsession with the power of scent and how it can benefit the human experience has led him around the world collecting and bottling scent memories, working as a professional chef, a mixologist, a sommelier, and sensory artist. OVR Technology is the second olfaction based company he has co-founded on his over 20-year journey combining the art and science of our oldest most primal sense and technology to produce meaningful, measurable human outcomes. Among the many scents that hold special meaning to Aaron, the smell of freshly fallen snow in particular has always stood out.

Matt Flego

Matt Flego


Matt is a realization practitioner. Focused on pushing the edges of new technology to make product ideas possible. He brings a wealth of multidisciplinary skills to OVR Technology, from circuit design to experimental process engineering.  He has deep roots in manufacturing and prototyping from his experience in experimental architectural metal, professional model making, furniture manufacturing, and industrial robotics.  Matt thrives on problem-solving and loves learning about the latest advances in technology and manufacturing. Previous to OVR Technology, Matt co-founded M//E Design, with his college studio mate Erik Cooper, providing local businesses with industrial design and product prototyping. As a co-founder of OVR Technology, Matt hopes to bring new life to the burgeoning field of XR. He enjoys the smell of a campfire.

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David Stiller

Chairman of the Board

Dave has been a co-founder and strategic advisor to OVR Technology since its inception. In his role as Chairman of the Board, he works with the company’s leadership to define vision, strategy, and objectives. Dave is the President of Heritage Aviation, an employee-owned aviation services company at the Burlington International Airport. He also serves as Investor Relations Manager for Sunrise Management Services, LLC, directing investments in various nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Dave received his master’s degree in Emergent Media from Champlain College in 2012. The scent of roasted green tea is among his favorite smells.

Sam Wisniewski

Sam Wisniewski


Sam’s love of numbers is matched by his delight in the sensory world and naturally led him to help co-found the company. As head of finance and operations for OVR Technology, Sam brings an organized and precise approach to systems and finances. His background in investment banking, a career in restaurant management and consulting, and co-founding a boutique flavor and fragrance company makes him uniquely positioned to bring scent to the world of virtual reality. Sam draws on his breadth of experience and deep skill set to integrate OVR Technology’s dynamic vision and ambitious mission into all aspects of its operations. His enjoys the smell is fresh-cut grass.

Erik Cooper

Erik Cooper

Head of Design

It all started with Legos, incessantly drawing race cars, and riding dirt bikes in his youth.  From that point on Erik’s main purpose in life was being creative, making things, and going fast. He earned his Bachelor's in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in New York. His career spans Broadway set design, art and architectural fabrication, and eventually custom motorcycle design and fabrication as an assistant to Walt Siegl.  Erik transitioned into digital fabrication, when he and fellow Pratt graduate Matt Flego founded M//E Design, an Industrial Design and Prototyping company in Burlington Vermont.  As co-founder and Head of Design at OVR Technology, Erik leads design, styling, prototyping, and collaborates on all R&D, manufacturing, and general problem-solving activities. His favorite scent is wet dirt.

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Sarah Socia

Scentware Formulation

Sarah is a scent scientist.  Sarah graduated from the Honors College at the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and a double minor in Chemistry and Psychology. She has a strong interest in chemoreception sciences cultivated through her research in the lab of Dr. Eugene Delay where she studied the effects of cyclophosphamide on the taste system, and industry formulation experience at Alice and the Magician, a flavor and cocktail aromatic company. She enjoys the smell is crisp autumn morning air.

Jesse crop

Jesse Stein

Product & Marketing

Jesse has a history of bringing innovative concepts to market. He cut his Product Management teeth at Apple, where he worked on products such as the original iMac, the first consumer WiFi product line - "Airport," and was Product Manager for Apple's desktop workstation that also introduced a new piece of music software known as iTunes. Jesse brings a diverse skill set, with a history of innovation and executive leadership in Product, Brand, Marketing, Training, and Sales roles, at industry drivers such as Apple, IBM, and Dealer.com to the OVR Technology team. Jesse serves on several advisory and company boards and volunteers his time as a strategy and business coach for business accelerators such as LaunchVT.  He is co-inventor of US patent 9641760, and is equally proud of the individuals and companies he mentors, as the iconic products he has brought to market. He relaxes to the sights, sounds, and smells of a wood-burning fireplace.

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Chris Fraser

Business Development & Partnerships

Chris is a serial early-stage growth and go-to-market expert. He brings a wealth of early-stage leadership experience to OVR Technology having been an early member of multiple successfully exited companies including CloudLock, Conjur, and HealthcareSource.  Prior to joining OVR Technology, Chris was Chief Revenue Officer at Image Relay, VP of Strategic Accounts at GreatHorn, led enterprise sales at Conjur, and global mid-market and SMB sales at CloudLock. Chris is a strategic advisor for several early-stage companies and serves as a mentor through multiple accelerator programs including Techstars, LaunchVT, and DeltaClimeVT. He earned his Bachelor's degree from Bentley University in Economics and Public Policy, and holds several black belts in martial arts. He is revved up by the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

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Robb Barclay

Manufacturing & Engineering

Rob is a natural problem solver and builder. He graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  Robb met OVR Technology co-founders Matt and Erik when he worked with them at M//E Design doing CAD design, fabrication and prototype development. Prior to M//E Design, Robb worked at Heco Engineering, a design and development machine shop, and GSR Solutions, an academic bio-fuel company focused on converting algae to diesel fuel. His passion for rock climbing was developed during his time at MetroRock. Robb's tenure at Frost Beer Works, fueled his interest in homebrewing and beer in general. The scents immitted during the brewing process are among Robb's favorite scents.