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Capturing the Smell of the Rain

  There is something about the smell of rain that strikes a chord inside all of us. We have a deep, unconscious connection to the smell of rain that can dramatically change our mood, our thoughts, and even our vision. But what is? Why does it affect us so strongly and is it possible to […]

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Lending our expertise and resources to fight COVID-19

OVR Technology was founded on the mission of using our expertise in using technology to solve real-world problems. Unfortunately, one of those problems which is affecting all of our lives is the spread of COVID-19. Like most of you, OVR Technology has taken rather extreme steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees […]

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Senior Software Engineer, Burlington VT

Senior Software Engineer Burlington VT, Full Time Apply via About OVR Technology: OVR Technology combines our oldest, most primal sense with today’s most powerful technology to address urgent human needs. Our unique platform marries our sense of smell with Virtual and Augmented Reality to help produce real-world outcomes in the health, therapy, training, education […]

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