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Scent Technology for Virtual Reality

Scent is the Future of Immersive Technology

Scent makes virtual experiences more engaging, more immersive, more emotional, and more effective.

We believe that by making our virtual experiences better, we improve the quality of our real lives.

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Improve Your Health with OVR.

OVR combines the benefits of mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, nature, and aroma-based interventions into a single, delightful experience perfectly suited to therapeutic environments and workplaces.

We harness the power of the limbic system to deepen immersion and enhance relaxation for improved therapeutic outcomes.

Discover "INHALE," the OVR Experience for Health and Wellness

Wellness shouldn’t feel like work.

INHALE is a powerful multi-sensory experience that promotes relaxation, positive mood, stress-reduction, and mental fitness through guided mindfulness meditation that link breath with scent. And although it feels like a nice escape from the work day, INHALE’s power lies in the fact that it's training the brain to be more resilient.

INHALE is a plug-and-play system that comes with an olfactory headset, preloaded with wellness experiences and scentware cartridges to match.

Improve Preparedness with OVR.

In high-risk industries, training is everything. The closer training can come to situational realism, the better those on the front lines are able to respond to pressure with precision. And in those moments, precision means saving lives and better response.

More Effective Training
and Simulation

Enhanced with Cutting-Edge Olfactory Technology.

OVR combines the benefits of virtual reality, immersion, engagement and learning to bridge the gap between conventional training and real-world application. We harness the power of the limbic system to create closest-to-real simulations that improve response and outcome.

There is an OVR Solution Waiting For You.

Olfactory Virtual Reality technology is plug-and-play. It is compatible with all existing VR headsets and can be applied to any VR content via our universal software plugin. Our experts will select the perfect scentware subscription based on your needs and desired outcomes.

Why Does Scent Make Such a Big Difference?

Scent is our most primal sense; it links directly to the part of our brains that controls memory and emotion. By leveraging its inherent influence on cognition and behavior with its ability to create much more realistic, immersive virtual environments, OVR unlocks the potential of virtual reality to produce better experiences and more potent results across multiple industries and use cases.